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Everyday the Veterans Administration denies lots of applications for Veterans Benefits. Many of these VA compensation denials are unjust and should be appealed.

VA Disability Benefits vs. Social Security Disability 

Veteran Disability Benefits are different from Social Security Disability claims. Veterans may receive both Veterans Disability Benefits and Social Security Disability Benefits at the same time. We highly recommend you contact an attorney to learn about your potential Veterans Disability Benefits and your Social Security Disability Benefits.  Woods and Woods practices veteran law, and has worked with thousands of veterans and their families. Let us help you get the money and benefits your deserve!

 Hire A Veterans Benefits Lawyer

At Woods & Woods, we never charge a penny unless we win your claim. We never touch your future benefits. Our fee is a percentage of your backpay and case expenses.

Woods & Woods was founded in 1985 to fight for injured people. Our veterans benefits lawyers have worked with thousands of veterans and their families. Woods & Woods veterans disability lawyers have teams of doctors, psychologists, case managers, vocational experts, and paralegals to help you win your veterans benefits.

 Veteran Demographics

According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, there are 23.4 million living veterans in the United States. There are also 37 million dependents of living veterans and survivors of deceased veterans. Those two figures equal roughly 20% of the United States population. The numbers of people eligible for a veteran benefits claim is tremendous.

 Disabling Injuries and Serious Illnesses

Veterans suffer from hundreds of impairments the Veterans Administration compensates for. Many of these disabled veterans conditions are from service connected injuries, toxic exposure to chemicals, traumatic brain injuries, PTSD or other stress related disorders, or other various impairments. Fighting a VA compensation denial can get complicated quickly and you should have an attorney fighting for you!

Veterans Disability Benefits Lawyer