DIC Claims

DIC Claims are for spouses and children of veterans who pass away due to a service-connected impairment.  A misconception about DIC Claims is that they are only for spouses and children who are left behind when a veteran dies in a war.  DIC Claims are for surviving spouses and children of veterans who died while in war, but the majority of DIC Claims are for veterans who die of service-connected impairments years after the veteran was discharged from active duty.



 Who is eligible for a DIC Claim?

  • Spouses who have not remarried
  • Children who are under 18
  • Dependant parents

What is a DIC Claim worth?

  •  Basic Monthly Rate is $1,154
  • Add $246 monthly if the veteran was rated totally disabled at time of death.
  • Add $286 monthly for each child.
  • Click here to see the VA’s DIC Payscale.
  • To see the VA Compensation Ratings Tables click here.

The VA denied my DIC Claim. What should I do?

Call Woods & Woods for a free consultation regarding your rights to compensation for a DIC Claim at (800) 544-2108.  If you were recently denied, don’t delay the call, you only have a certain time period to appeal your denial before the claim is considered closed.  We will review your case for free.

Can you provide an example of a widow who is eligible for DIC Claim payments?

Jane and John Q. Veteran had been married for only a couple years.  John Q. Veteran was a Vietnam veteran and he was exposed to Agent Orange. Over the years, John became sick from impairments due to his Agent Orange exposure. He was service-connected for his diabetes II, neuropathy, and his ischemic heart disease. When John Q. Veteran passed away his death certificate stated he died from “heart disease.  Jane, his surviving wife is now entitled to DIC Claim benefits because John died from impairments that were due to his service.

I have more questions about DIC Claims. Who can help me?

Woods & Woods Veterans Disability Attorneys review every case for free. We will help you through the maze of filing, appealing, and gathering documentation to prove you have a DIC Claim.  We don’t get paid unless we win your case. No recovery, no fee. Our fee is a determined percentage of your owed backpay. We never touch your future benefits.

You have gone through a hard enough time dealing with the loss of a loved one. Let Woods & Woods take care of the VA! Call for free at (800) 544-2108.


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