Increase VA Disability

Increase VA Disability

A VA Disability Ratings Increase is for veterans who feel their impairments have worsened since their last rating decision. To learn more about VA Disability Ratings Increase read below.

Is a VA Disability Rating Increase the same as an appeal?

No. A VA Disability Rating Increase is considered a new claim. A veteran doesn’t have to submit new and material evidence for a VA Disability Increase.  However, VA Disability Rating Increase requests can get complicating very fast! We highly recommend you get a free consultation with an experienced VA Disability Attorney.  The call is free and Woods and Woods only charges a fee if they win your case.  Call today (888) 959-9908.

How do I file a VA Disability Increase?

First, you should contact a VA Disability Lawyer and find out if you are eligible.  Some veterans choose to file the VA Disability Increase on their own.  We strongly urge you to seek the help of an experienced VA Disability Lawyer. The VA will have a lawyer, shouldn’t you?

What if I was denied my VA Disability Increase?

This happens everyday to veterans who are eligible for a VA Disability Increase. The VA often denies legitimate claims and mis-rates claims as well. If you suspect you have been wrongly denied or underrated contact Woods and Woods today for a free consultation on your VA Disability Increase rights! (888) 959-9908

VA Disability Increase