Individual UnemployabilityYou are still eligible for individual unemployability if you do not have a 100% rating. Many veterans are denied individual unemployability unjustly. To learn more about individual unemployability read below or call toll-free (888) 959-9908. We have helped thousands of veterans and their families.

What exactly are individual unemployability benefits?

Individual unemployability benefits from the VA are for veterans who are considered unemployable due to service connected disabilities.  Individual unemployability is often called total disability for individual unemployability or TDIU. Individual unemployability benefits can be difficult to obtain. The VA denies individual unemployability everyday and many veterans forced to appeal their decision. Don’t let a denial of individual unemployability benefits deter you. This can be a difficult time in your life and we suggest you contact a individual unemployability disability attorney to handle your claim. Remember, the VA will have an attorney fighting against your appeal, shouldn’t you have an attorney fighting for you? Call Woods and Woods today at (888) 959-9908 for a free consultation or click here and fill out a contact form.

I receive Social Security Disability, can I also get individual unemployability benefits?

Yes! Social Security Disability and VA compensation for individual unemployability are two separate benefits.  You can receive both benefits at the same time. Our VA Disability attorneys can help you with both your Social Security Disability and individual unemployability benefits. To learn more call Woods and Woods today at (888) 959-9908 or click here for a free consultation.

What makes a veteran eligible for individual unemployability benefits?

First a veteran must have a discharge other than dishonorable to obtain individual unemployability benefits. Second, the veteran must have impairments that would keep them from working. If you have been denied social security disability before you should still apply for VA individual unemployability benefits. The two disability benefit programs are separate bureaucracies that have different guidelines for what is considered disabled.

If I am eligible for individual unemployability compensation are there benefits for my care-takers?

Yes. There are aid and attendance benefits available for care takes of veterans who are applying for individual unemployability compensation. Aid and attendance benefits claims can be filed alongside your individual unemployability disability claim. However, we can also file aid and attendance benefits separately from your individual unemployability claim if need be. If you think you may qualify for aid and attendance benefits with your individual unemployability claim, click here or call (888) 959-9908.

What if I am denied my individual unemployability benefits?

You should contact an individual unemployability disability attorney to file an appeal immediately! The period you can appeal your individual unemployability claim does end at a certain point. If your appeal period collapses you will have to file another claim. To keep your current individual unemployability claim open you should contact an attorney to file your appeal.  Appealing an individual unemployability benefits claim can quickly become difficult with the amount of paperwork and legal knowledge it takes to correctly file your appeal. If you have any concerns about filing an appeal for your individual unemployability claim contact Woods and Woods for free at (888) 959-9908 or click here.

Should I contact a lawyer about my individual unemployability benefits?

Yes. There are so many variables that make an individual unemployability claim. There’s a lot of paper work and individual unemployability appeals get complex quick.  The call is free. The consultation is free. There is no charge unless we win your case! Trust a Woods and Woods individual unemployability disability attorney to handle your appeal for you. Call (888) 959-9908 or click here for a free consultation.

Individual Unemployability


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