VA Compensation


VA Compensation

VA Compensation is available to veterans for several different reasons. Please read below to better understand VA Compensation. For a free legal consultation on VA Compensation Benefits, call (888) 959-9908.


Types of VA Compensation Claims

  1. Service Connected VA Compensation: Monthly compensation for veterans with disabilities and injures due to service.
  2. Non-Service Connected VA Compensation (Pension): Monthly compensation for disabilites non-service connected and low-income veterans.
  3. DIC Claims: Monthly compensation for dependants of a veteran such as: widows, children, and dependant parents.

How much does VA Compensation pay?

Veterans and/or dependants may be eligible for $123 – $3,100+ monthly. To calculate approximately what  you think you may be entitled to click here to see the VA Compensation Ratings Tables.

Am I eligible for VA Compensation?

This is a very difficult question to answer. The VA has hundreds of regulations regarding eligibility for VA Compensation. This is where VA Compensation can get tricky and we highly suggest you contact an attorney.  Remember, the VA has their own lawyers, shouldn’t you? For a free consultation about your eligibility for VA Compensation contact Woods and Woods who offers national veterans legal services on VA Compensation. (888) 959-9908

VA Compensation