Why does the VA claims process take so long?

Why does the VA claims process take so long?A new claim average processing time is 12 to 18 months and appeals can take up to several years. The VA claim backlog is not acceptable and is frustrating to Veterans and their families according to ArmyTimes.com.  Unfortunately, the reason for the VA claim backlog is somewhat out the immediate control of the VA.   Claims related issues such as, not receiving correct documentation, reliable evidence, and red tape regulations often slow down the process of a VA claim.  For help in filing VA Disability claims contact us at (888) 959-9908.

What can a Veteran do to lessen the VA claims backlog?

When submitting new disability claims to the VA, it is important that you do not submit improper and incomplete information.  It is also important that you submit supporting evidence with your claim.  These are all major causes for the nationwide VA claim backlog.  If you have questions regarding information being submitted for your VA disability claim, please contact our office at (888) 959-9908.

Is the VA doing anything to help with the VA claims backlog?

Recently, U.S Senator Scott Brown has met with veterans and individuals interested in veterans’ affairs including the growing concern of the backlog of a VA claim.  Topics discussed is the need for simplifying VA forms and having more efficiency in the handling of VA claims within the VA department.  Sen. Brown stated also that “Other solutions are long term, and involve reforming the bureaucracy.  When a veteran is missing some documentation, he or she shouldn’t be sent to the end of the line and forced to wait for months or years.”  For additional help with your VA claim, contact our Veterans Disability Benefits Lawyers at (888) 959-9908.

Why does the VA claims process take so long?